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Children’s Literature Website Review September 11, 2008

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“Just One More Book” is most helpful to me as a book review podcast.  Most entries have a short written review with links to other books on the same topic or by the same author.  A tab for the podcast is available and each one has “Mark and Andrea” reviewing the book.  There are also podcasts of interviews with authors and illustrators.


A recent book review was Welcome Ramadan:  Night of the Moon (Chronicle Books, 2008.  Author: Hena Khan, Illustrator: Julie Paschkis, ISBN:  0811860620).  Mark and Andrea described the beauty of the illustrations and the informative story of a little girl celebrating Ramadan.  The emphasis was on the similarities in ways people have celebrations without explaining why Ramadan is celebrated.  The reviewers felt this made the book more accessible.


One of the most wonderful things about this blog is the diversity.  The reviewers are Canadian and reviews are done on books with a wide range of diversity (language, special needs, culture, adoption, religious celebrations, and more). The other wonderful item is all the links.  The sidebars have every author and illustrator reviewed listed and you can access many other reviews about similar subjects within each entry.  Many other podcasts and literature blogs are also listed.


I think the concept of a podcast recorded in a coffee shop connects with our culture today and it stands out from other podcasts and blogs, but for me, it was difficult to focus.  The background noises were distracting.  However, making myself focus was worth the effort because the site is extremely interactive and fun.


Go check it, new posts are added often!


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