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Thank You HOOT September 18, 2008

Filed under: Personal — anet smith @ 6:05 pm

I am feeling very thankful for my Children’s & YA Literature class right now and needed to take the liberty for a personal post.  My husband and I went flying today.  When we left it was very clear, by the time we landed and took off again from Owasso, Ok, it was very cloudy.  Flying in such a small plane is a little nerve racking for me.  Flying in a small plane in turbulence is almost more than I can handle!  Thankfully, I took along Hoot by Carl Hiaasen (ISBN 0375829164).  Hoot is funny and fast-paced (I’ll be reviewing it in a future post), but most of all it was my life-saver.  I was completely able to concentrate on the story  and not the fact that our little metal box was being bounced around at 3500ft. and above!  In addition to being thankful today, I’m also proud.  I’m proud of my hubby.  He was always reassuring to me and even though the experience probably rattled his nerves a bit too (my tears may have been more rattling than the weather conditions!), after we landed he was talking about everything he had learned from the day’s flight!  For me, only five more chapters to go and I’ll finish it at football practice tonight.  And yes, I’ll go flying again.

Tulsa, OK


2 Responses to “Thank You HOOT”

  1. J Says:

    I like this picture. I don’t know how you were reading though while D was flying. I think I would have been too nervous to read. At the same time I would have been in awe that my husband knows how to fly. Do the planes that ya’ll go up in have 2 engines? I just need to know how much I should be praying for ya’ll when you take these flights up. j/k

  2. Ga Says:

    Ahhh, the joys of marriage and sharing adventures! I know that this day will be a forever memory for you both. Flying high, together, reassuring each other, and creating a unique sharing of strengths and needs! Awesome!

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