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Anet’s Daybook December 21, 2009

Filed under: Daybook — anet smith @ 9:59 am

Outside my window… the promise of sunshine and a little warmer day.

I am thinking… a lot about connections and friendships. I’m sad that it takes a while to get to know people, but know that time and shared experiences will deepen relationships. In our busy-ness of work and caring for family members we need to make time to get to know others.

I am thankful for… all the help from Hubby making breakfast Sat., cleaning up after opening presents (we did it early), and with laundry.

I am wearing… pajamas again. See “I am going”

I am remembering… Christmas in Virginia. I just looked at pictures from my Mom in law’s house. They have 20 inches of snow right now! Will we have a white Christmas in Abluquerque?

I am going… to the Pajama Party at Chick fil a for free Chicken minis. Not that either of my boys will probably eat them. We’re meeting my sis E. there before we have to take care of some business for Dad.

I am currently reading… I’m not. I read Christmas in the Big Woods on Friday before I left school.

I am hoping… that I make more time for blogging and that my blog doesn’t entirely exist of daybooks.

On my mind… thankful for being able to finally catch up with a friend via telephone last night.

From the learning rooms… out for two whole weeks! The boys have lots of books they want to read during break.

Noticing that… when it gets too cold in our house at night, I’m cranky in the morning!

Pondering these words… Jesus is the perfect gift. I’ve loved our sermon series at church, “I AM”

From the kitchen… nothing today! We have hubby’s work Christmas party tonight.

Around the house… all the laundry to finish before our Christmas trip.

One of my favorite things… my new Nativities. One is a hand painted (on the inside) Christmas ball. It was a gift from my sis along with an ornament stand.

From my picture journal…

From my Mom in law’s house in VA. I love the snow falling in the woods in the background!

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4 Responses to “Anet’s Daybook”

  1. Tamara Says:

    Thanks for sharing your daybook. I’ve enjoyed my visit. Such a beautiful picture with snow 🙂

    May you and your family have a Christ,as filled with many blessings!

    P.S. You are invited to drop by my blog on 12/27 and enter my New Year’s Giveaway!

    • anetsmith Says:

      I visted your blogs. Many interesting things to peruse. I’ll be back on the 27th. Merry Christmas! Annette (AnetSmith)

  2. dtbrents Says:

    I’m so jealous of the snow. I want snow this year at least once. You must have a great husband. My husband cooks breakfast for me on Sunday. He doesn’t do dishes unless it’s an emergency. He’s washed dishes twice in the 44 years we’ve been married. On the plus side he has always had a good job. I have too many blogs. I do like having a separate blog for some things. I don’t like to mix my Bible Study with my other blogs. The one thing I have learned about blogging is that most bloggers will not come to you first. You have to visit them until they get to know you. The Simple Womans Daybook is great for meeting wonderful women. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Doylene

    • anetsmith Says:

      Yes, my husband is awesome. He’s wonderful with our children too. Thank you for the tip on getting to know bloggers. My plan for Christmas break is to set up blogs I want to follow in a reader. Annette

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