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Everyone Should Have an Unkie January 9, 2010

Filed under: Family — anet smith @ 2:46 pm

A what? An Unkie. Unkie is what we’ve called my closest uncle, my Mom’s only brother. (Sometimes he really reminds me of my Mom). I’m not sure how he got the title, but it’s become more of his name – who he is. At times I’ve had to really think when asked what his real name is and often when I see or hear his real name, it is foreign. Of course Unkie is more than his name.

Unkie is a giver. When I was very young, he would go with my Mom to take me to the park. I don’t really remember it, but I have the pictures. I “worked” for Unkie growing up (my family has always lived next door to him). He paid a penny a fly to kill flies on the back porch. One summer he and I planted over a hundred different named irises. Garden irises are still my very favorite flower. Unkie helped me with college and every weekend I came home he’d send no bake cookies and spending money with me.

This past Christmas we had the opportunity to have Unkie in our home for Christmas. The picture is my son M and Unkie with the ornament M. made for him.

I could go on and on about how Unkie gives. The other night we stopped by his house to pick up something and he came out and sat in our van and visited with the boys and I for about fifteen minutes. We had brought him a chocolate shake from Chick fil a. Even though we gave to him, we went away having received. Blessed by hearing his laugh, wisdom, and stories of family.


2 Responses to “Everyone Should Have an Unkie”

  1. Edwina Roller Says:

    Great post, Net. Thanks for sharing! You described Unkie to a tee!

  2. keisha Says:

    That’s a wonderful story – glad he got to spend the holiday with you.

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