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There’s No Day Like a Snow Day! January 29, 2010

Filed under: Family,Winter — anet smith @ 10:32 pm

I picked the boys up at school yesterday on my way home from work. It had just started freezing rain. D. got home early and my sister came over to stay when she got off work. By the time we watched the news last night, it seemed we had missed the worst of it. Yes, we had some ice, but everything was moving out and we still had electricity!

Then it started snowing around 9 this morning and snowed all day! I never remember it snowing like this here when I was a kid. Maybe that’s because Mom hardly let me out when it snowed – she was afraid I’d get sick. I however, do not have that fear! Mid-morning, the boys played football outside. From there, we went on to have a great snow day out of school…

I made snow ice cream. I used a recipe from Paula Deen. In the midst of making it I realized the milk I had was evaporated, not sweetened condensed. I added sugar. Then I realized, I didn’t like the consistency, so I doubled the snow. Then of course, I had to add more sugar! One of my favorite snow ice cream memories is when M was two. We sat in the living room floor and used two spoons to eat snow ice cream out of the same bowl—for lunch!


The boys played a game with their aunt.

We cleared Aunt’s car so we could get the van out to go for a movie. The boys and J. (the dog) played.

Sorry no movie pictures, I was concentrating on getting inside! We all laughed out loud at The Tooth Fairy (and how appropriate, L lost a tooth – with a cap – today!)

M. made homemade limeades by himself to go with dinner and then cookies afterwards! I enjoyed my family so much today!


One Response to “There’s No Day Like a Snow Day!”

  1. j Says:

    What a fun day! I sure wish Julie lived near us. WHat ablessing that you now get to live in the same town as Edwina. Well, I know it is not the exact same town, but close enough… How did M make the limeades? Was it water, lime and a little sugar? We had a few snowflakes for about 10 minutes..:)

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