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Anet’s Daybook February 8, 2010

Filed under: Daybook — anet smith @ 7:25 am

Outside my window… lots and lots of mud. Gray skies. A little boy swinging his scooter in a circle.

I am thankful for… we had a surprise dinner out at Ghingis Grill last Thurs. It was so much fun. Both boys declared that was where they wanted to go for their birthday. Then, M. recanted and said Chic Fil A. When we replied, “Awwww”. He changed it again to McDonalds!

I am wearing… jeans and my hot air ballon sweatshirt. I’m going to run out of jean coupons at work soon, but we’re going to have icky weather.

I am remembering… our church service and lunch & welcome class at the pastor’s house. I just love how straight forward our sr. pastor is.

I am going… to go to a homeschooling meeting.

I am currently reading… my Bible study, “For Women Only”

From the learning rooms….. they, their, and they’re, L. missed when they went over it in class, but get’s it now. M. is working on Study Island again. I need to go over some writing things before the state test in a few weeks. I’m not a big high stakes testing fan, but I am very happy how far M. has come in writing this year.

I am hoping… for another snow day this week! We’re already off Friday and next Monday because of conferences!

On my mind… Haiti still. Especially the missionaries that are being held for trial there.

Hearing…. the hum of the heater. Also, silence. Is anyone else home?

I am praying that……. That my children will examine whatever they come up against with a Biblical worldview; that they will flee immorality and cling to Christ.

Pondering these words… “I’m thinking how to decide which one of my children to give up” It was a quote in USA today last week by a lady in Haiti named Saintanne. She had 6 children, her husband was “gone”, her parents both died in the earthquake and now she was considering how she could give one of her children a better life.

From the kitchen… Fried ham and asparagus. Leftover brisket later in the week. I’m thinking of putting hamburger in the crockpot for taco salad after the basketball game next weekend.

Around the house… laundry to be put away (thank you M & L for folding it) and floors without muddy dog prints…for now.

One of my favorite things… warm sweatshirts in bright colors and great conversations (and time for those convos!)

From my picture journal

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