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Anet’s Daybook February 15, 2010

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Outside my window… little patches of snow and ice leftover from our inch Sun. morning. Sunshine! I like my office window facing east.

I am thankful for… the availability of medicine. L. got hurt a little during his basketball game. I was able to leave the church, go to Neighborhood Walmart for Tylenol and be home before he ever got there with his dad.

I am wearing… sweatshirt and sweatpants – yea for no school!

I am remembering… what a good time we had with friends having taco salad and playing pit. The kids played football in the living room – 5 boys.

I am going… to get a bigger size of my Valentine gift. My honey gave me the ring I had mentioned that I liked at James Avery. It is a cross ring with a heart in the center.

I am currently reading… Rites of Passage Parenting by Walker Moore

From the learning rooms….. Valentine party on Friday that I was thankful to attend, school was out Friday and today.

I am hoping… to have some springlike weather soon.

On my mind… my family. Aunt W took the boys to lunch with Grandpa today. D. took the boys to the gym to play basketball this afternoon. He’s such a good daddy. At the gym two high school boys played basketball with M & L. D. was very impressed at how respectful the boys were and that they were willing to play with younger kids.

Hearing…. sounds of Little House on the Prairie from L’s room, J (the dog) snoring, the tap of D’s keyboard right behind me. Our desks are back to back.

I am praying that……. that the kid’s conference the boys are attending this weekend will be impactful.

Pondering these words… Sometimes we don’t really care about things that don’t affect us.

From the kitchen… Salsa chicken. Chicken in the crockpot to get ready for the Javanese dinner for Buncco on Tues. night.

Around the house… regular stuff. I don’t know what to write this week.

One of my favorite things… Watching the olympics.

From my picture journal

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2 Responses to “Anet’s Daybook”

  1. J Says:

    So D bought you a ring that is too small. Was it an XS like the sweater he got you? I know rings aren’t really sized that way. I have to give him credit, at least he does not guess too big. He is a wise man. 🙂

  2. anetsmith Says:

    I think he got the wrong size because that’s what I told him! We were only one off – I love the ring! And yes, he is wise – wonderful too.

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