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Anet’s Daybook March 15, 2010

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Outside my window… dark. It’s midnight! I took a loooong nap today after the zoo and need to wait a little while before going to bed.

I am thankful for… getting to know a few more people (but still praying for some invitations for the boys). I’m thankful dear friends (from Texas who are also living in Okla. now) came over for M’s Arrow of Light Ceremony and dinner out afterwards.

I am wearing… pajamas. One pair of many. I love pajamas and slippers!

I am remembering… what a wonderful evening of celebration we had for M. Sat. night. I appreciate my sister making the candy bouquet for him.

I am going… to spend three days seeing my Dad and enjoying some things in the southern part of the state.

I am currently reading… Purpose Driven Life. I got it on CD from the library also.

From the learning rooms….. Spring Break!!

I am hoping… if we don’t get to go away this next weekend because of rain, that the next time we can go (5 weeks after that) is just beautiful!!

On my mind… preparing for our little trip – getting all the food together. And the maps….I’m the navigator!

Hearing…. computer noises. Other than that, complete quiet. Everyone else is asleep, but me. J. isn’t even in here, she must be in L’s bed asleep.

I am praying that……. we have a clear school direction before summer and that this summer makes us feel even more settled in our new home.

From the kitchen… roast in the crockpot. Enough that D. will have some for when I’m away too.

Around the house… It was nice and tidy when D. came home from Cincy Fri. night, but not now………………..

One of my favorite things… a son accompanying me on errands and then crawling in my lap while we’re watching the news (tonight it was L.)

From my picture journal

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