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Things I Love Thursday March 25, 2010

Filed under: Things I Love Thursday — anet smith @ 9:04 am

This is my first Things I Love Thursday. Honestly, I considered doing it BEFORE I knew it could get me an extra entry in a drawing (make sure you check out The Diaper Diaries). My good friend Mama Mia has been doing TILT for I think as long as she’s been blogging. Let me warn you, I will not have a flowery elaboration on anything I love and there will only be occasional pictures.

I love cooking once (in a crockpot!) for three meals. It’s so super easy too. I cook about 8 or 9 chicken breasts in one can of chicken broth and one can of green chili enchilada sauce on low in the crockpot for about 8 hours. I take out all but one of the chicken breasts and use part of them for dinner that night – straight chicken, shredded for another recipe, whatever. Part of them I shred to make chicken salad. In all the broth that’s left over I shred the last chicken breast (and sometimes it’s too much so use your best judgment) and add a cup of cooked rice. Viola! Homemade chicken and rice soup! My husband loves this soup. (Last time I cooked celery and carrots-both diced-with the chicken and it was a great addition. I just left them all in the broth for the soup).

I love love how much time this saves me and I love making homemade soup because of how little salt is there. I use reduced sodium broth and only add pepper – no additional salt.

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7 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday”

  1. Holly T. Says:

    Wow – what a great idea! I totally LOVE my slow cooker and use it at least twice a week. Thanks for the terrific idea – I will try it soon! (And you can’t beat cooking once for 3 meals!!) 🙂 Love your site and I’ll be back soon!

  2. This is a really great tip!! I have never thought of doing it all at once. I LOVE my crockpot. Makes life so easy!!

  3. Mandy Says:

    Such a great idea!! This would work really well for part of your once-a-month cooking line-up too! 🙂

    • anetsmith Says:

      I put your blog on my google reader. I’m particularly interested in your tween thursday posts. My oldest is getting ready to turn 11 and I’m feeling that I’ll I’ve known about parenthood is getting ready to be turned upside down!

  4. Eos Mom Says:

    Great idea–I’ll have to give that a try! Thanks!

  5. I love this suggestion and the only thing I would change is using homemade broth. After baking a whole chicken in the oven or the crockpot, I put all the skin and bones back in the crockpot, barely cover with water, and cook on low overnight. The next morning I let it cool and strain the broth. Containers com ein all shapes and sizes, so they are easy to freeze in the right amount to pull out and use anytime. That’s what I’d use instead of canned broth. This way you get to control how much salt and other seasonsings to use. Super easy!

    Thanks for sharing your tip. I can’t wait to try it!

    • anetsmith Says:

      I know I’m a super weirdo, but I just can’t do whole chickens – it’s the bones. Even reading “skin and bones” makes me queasy! I’m not sure if it’s from growing up around chickens or a bad experience I’ve blocked. But, yes, that’s a great idea – the homemade broth would be much more healthy!

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