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Our Fabulous Friends at the Library March 27, 2010

Filed under: Display Cases,Library — anet smith @ 8:00 am

I wish that I had gotten more into display cases at the beginning of the year. I love doing them! I think there’s only time left to do one maybe two more before school is out. 8 more weeks! This display has stuffed animal book characters and their books. Some are fiction and some are “E” everybody books.

I’m also determined to make a giant refrigerator filled with books for children to select. “Cool Picks For Hot Days”. Now, if it would just get hot enough before school is out…….

Also wanted to share another blog, www.justonemorebook.com
It hasn’t been updated recently because the one of the authors is battling cancer. However, it has great book reviews and author interviews. Most of it is available in podcasts. Great use of media!


One Response to “Our Fabulous Friends at the Library”

  1. shauna Says:

    I love this one. It is my favorite one. You are doing a fabulous job.

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