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Things I Love Thursday – An Amazing Ingredient April 1, 2010

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Things I Love Thursday – An Amazing Ingredient, Vinegar

I couldn’t just put vinegar in the title, it may not have been worthy to ready further. I wanted to call it “miracle worker”, but I decided only One was worthy of that title.

Lately I have discovered how versatile vinegar is. You would have thought after almost 15 years of homemaking that I would have already figured it out.

I used it to get the hard water stains off the gecko’s water dish.

I mopped with it.

I used a cup of it while washing the whites.

I have recently used it in mock hollandaise sauce and chicken salad.

If you haven’t already, you may be using it soon yourself while dyeing Easter eggs!

I found this great site about the uses of vinegar.

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One Response to “Things I Love Thursday – An Amazing Ingredient”

  1. I love Vinegar, too. We use it as a fabric softener, and a kid safe window cleaner (mixed with water), Plus it gets the hard water spots off our fridge water dispenser.
    I could go on.
    But it would be like preaching to the choir.
    Really my favorite is dipping my bread in Basalmic Vinegar, but thats a different story.

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