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Happy Birthday M! April 9, 2010

Filed under: Family,Kids — anet smith @ 2:16 pm

My smart, athletic, fun to be around son turned 11 yesterday. M, even though this has been a year of transition for you, you still shine! One of your teachers once said that she would walk a mile to see one of your smiles and it is so true! Your smiles are contagious and you are an encouragement to everyone around.

M’s last 10 year old picture

M’s 1st 11 year old picture

The people in the office at school are always commenting on how polite and what a good conversationalist you are. It’s true, adults can talk to you and you are intelligent in your words and are interested in what they have to say. If you initiate conversation it is most usually about sports. You’re always telling me sports facts and who is being traded to what team. I love hearing it.

You have grown in your leadership this year. You’ve always been a great leader on the football field and this year you were able to put that into practice on the basketball court. Even though you were young on the team and a lot of people were taller than you, you still helped others and were strong. You’ve also been a leader at school by being in Student Council and by helping children with special needs. At church, you’ve led by doing the sound system and taking the lead in our family to raise money for the crisis pregnancy center and The American Cancer Society. You had wanted to quit Scouts, but you persevered and received your Arrow of Light and now you have a leadership position in your patrol as quartermaster. Wow!

Right now, you spend most of your time playing video games, reading, looking at football cards, watching Sports Center (or checking NFL.com) and Scouting. I’m looking forward to seeing how you continue developing your interests.

Regardless of what you do, you are special just for being you. God has given you a great spirit of compassion. You are helpful, care for others (especially younger children and those less fortunate than you) and are loving. You still want Mom and Dad to tuck you in and kiss you good night. I hope you never outgrow that. I’ll do it as long as you want and perhaps even longer.

I love you! You are a wonderful son!


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