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Happy Birthday L! April 19, 2010

Filed under: Family,Kids — anet smith @ 1:24 pm

My baby, L turns nine years old today! I can hardly believe it. I realize you aren’t a baby anymore. You are growing into a very smart, hardworking, and fun young man. I remember though when you were a baby that I would go in your room in the mornings and you would be laying in your crib cooing. I have no idea how long you’d actually been awake. You would look up at me and smile. I loved it and still love it when you smile!

Even 5 years ago you were a hard worker!

You are still very much a morning person. Often this year you set your own alarm to wake up early and read before school. Hmm…I wonder if you will do that when you are a teenager? You also do devotions on your own in the morning now. You have always had a heart for things of God and it is exciting to see you growing with wisdom and stature and favor with God and Man (Luke 2:52)

Your personality is intense and you are very persistent. This year you channeled some of that into getting more interested in working out. We gave you a chin up bar and some hand weights at Christmas and you are very consistent at using those, running, and doing other exercises – you said you wanted to have an “8 pack”! I hope you always stay fit and that you run with your Daddy when you get a little older.

In addition to reading and working out, you love to play your DS and to listen to your MP3 player. You’ve also developed an interest in cowboys and bullriding (since the rodeo last summer). It will be a while before you get the bull riding lessons you’ve asked for! I do love playing games with you and snuggling in your bed reading.

You have done really well in school this year (even tripling your AR goal!). I am very proud of how you have helped other students in your classroom (helping them stay on task and organize their material) and that you’ve gone out of your way to learn how to talk to the boy who speaks with sign language.

God has made you special and He loves you very much. I love you very much too and am glad God made you my son.

L’s (almost) last 8 year old picture (the serious one)

L’s first 9 year old picture


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