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Tuesdays Unwrapped April 27, 2010

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On our way to Branson we took a shortcut. No, really, this was shorter in both miles and time. At first it was really hard for me not to say something. We had a terrible map and really didn’t know eactly where we were going. Then I quickly remembered what I didn’t like about country roads. It wasn’t all the twists and turns, it was the up and down hills. The kind where at the top all you could see was another hill.

The road less traveled though was a different perspective and a small gift worth celebrating. At one point we had to stop because of an accident. We had turned on a side road before the stopped traffic and were talking about what to do. A local stopped next to us, told us what had happened and how to get through on the road we were on (they turned off to their house before we got to the next town). Oh how I appreciated the kindness and direction of a stranger! How wonderful it was that they took their time to help instead of hurrying home.

On these drives (we took a similar one on the way home too), the boys read mostly and hardly played their DS. We saw many dairy farms. I had no idea there were so many in southwest Missouri! And just how do those cows stand on the sides of those hills without toppling over? It was adventuresome to find our way the old fashioned way – no GPS. I enjoyed seeing the small towns and their schools. It made me thankful to live in my smaller than the Dallas metroplex small town (but slightly bigger than 400 or 1000 people population of the small towns we went through).

The best part was being on a country drive with hubby. We need to do more of it!

Picture of driving in Branson – dirty windshield and all. I didn’t take any pictures on our drive there or back.

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