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Anet’s Daybook May 2, 2010

Filed under: Daybook — anet smith @ 5:24 pm

Outside my window… hubby is putting together the rocker. Lots of the new plants are blooming.

I am thankful for… how hard hubby works to provide for us and to take care of our home, how compassionate and fun he is too.

I am wearing… jeans, black nike flip flops (my favs) and my Toys for Tots t-shirt

I am remembering… time with hubby yesterday. Sitting outside with him and Dad. How nice it is to get away, but how much nicer it is to be at home. Great Sunday today.

A few plans for the week… Sams club, another dentist appt., a college graduation and date night while the boys go with Aunt to see my Dad.

I am currently reading… this week I read Someone Named Eva (excellent about the children of Ladice, Czechoslavakia- WWII) and the Floating Circus (on next year’s Sequoyah Book List).

From the learning rooms….. M. is working on his autobiography. He has been so diligent working on it before school each morning this past week. I just returned from Walmart where I picked up pictures he chose for it. I also found some old wallet pictures from kindergarten and 3mos. This week he puts together the practice book and the final one is due on the 14th.

I am hoping… to get the household organized this week and back on track for exercising.

On my mind… my Dad. He seems really settled where he is. I hope he is content.

Hearing…. the boys making volleyball plans. Close by the fountain – far away lawnmowers.

I am praying that……. my friends who are making changes will be strengthened and have the Lord’s direction.

From the kitchen… soup for dinner today, chili mac tomorrow and I’ll know more after grocery shopping…

Around the house… the kitchen is finally clean! The books I have laying in the floor drying (from the Scout garage sale) should be ready to put up now.

One of my favorite things… National Forests

From my picture journal

More daybooks here.


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