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Anet’s Daybook May 10, 2010

Filed under: Daybook — anet smith @ 2:01 pm

Outside my window… the pavement is wet, but I must have missed the rain shower. I just noticed the fountain is on so I opened the window for a listen.

I am thankful for… the time my boys get to spend with their aunt, hubby’s green thumb (we bought strawberry plants this evening) and oddly enough, the loudness of M & L – I miss them when they aren’t home.

I am wearing… old yucky clothes for the dyeing job – a 2001 Old Navy tshirt

I am remembering… the boys looking through the World Vision catalog trying to decide what project to save our spare change for – we wanted to do all, but finally decided on three.

A few plans for the week… L’s dentist appt., swimming with cub scout den, iMom, and Realy for Life

I am currently reading… Crazy Love

From the learning rooms….. It’s so close to the end of school, will they be doing much of anything? Spelling tests, yes. Finishing special projects and “Big Bash” on Friday.

I am hoping… when we see the dentist for L that we can figure out why I’m still having pain from my dental work of last week.

On my mind… still summer schedule, sports camps and an opportunity for a Bible Study with a new friend.

Hearing…. hubby talking on the phone to his brother. M & L discussing their hair in the bathroom. I’m crazy – I’m in the process of dyeing their hair blonde.

I am praying that……. the place I want to work needs me next fall.

From the kitchen… chicken enchiladas – I made a homemade sour cream sauce that turned out great!

Around the house… it needs some serious work from us not being home this weekend. I forgot to look for a magazine holder – there’s some on the fireplace waiting for a spot and some in the floor waiting for a new home.

One of my favorite things… dating hubby.

From my picture journal

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4 Responses to “Anet’s Daybook”

  1. keisha Says:

    Ha! The boys’ hair turned out great. My 16-year-old nephew, who is blonde, decided to have his hair dyed black! Spring is in the air, I guess!! 🙂

    Oh, and if you care to share the sour cream sauce recipe, I’m all ears!!

  2. Becky Says:

    The boys hair looks fun!! I am sure that was an adventure. 🙂
    Can’t wait to hear what you are thinking of Crazy Love….will try to get an email of phone call to you in the next couple of days..we are headed out of town next week and just want to touch base! Hope your week has been good, I know it is busy!

    • anetsmith Says:

      Crazy Love is wonderful! I wanted to call, but I don’t have your number. I just sent an email, so you can send it there if you’d like.

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