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To Serve This Present Age May 18, 2010

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These are notes that I took at a recent graduation where Dr. Jo Anne Lyon (General Superindent of The Wesleyan Church) was the speaker. I write them here – to keep a copy for myself. If I don’t write something down I easily forget! Case in point: Dr. Lyon credited the information for the “Megatrends” I reference. However, I didn’t write the source down, so, it’s not there!

Four Megatrends Changing the 21st Century

1. Reversal of Fortunes
2. Growth of Youth and Islam in Developing Nations
3. Urban Sprawl
4. Global Nuclear Threat

Is there anything that doesn’t change? Jesus! (Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.)

Intentionally prayed and reflected
Poured himself out
Empowered His followers
Cared for the least of these

Dr. Lyon also encouraged the graduates to overcome evil with good, to do God’s will, and to shape the world for good in their vocation.

I especially have been considering the first part of the message about megatrends and what Jesus did. Sometimes when I think of the world my children are facing and will be facing, it is overwhelming! In my most recent Daybook, I wrote that I was praying for my children to be counter culture – Going against what our culture says and what Christians have accepted as normal is tough work!

We will only accomplish it as we follow Jesus’ example. I need to grow so much more in the area of intentional prayer and reflection. I can only empower my followers (my children) as I am following Christ. We are taking steps to intentionally disciple our children. We endevor to use teachable moments and answer questions that arise honestly and Scripturally. Although we have had devotions as a family, we struggle with consistancy. However, we will be beginning a study of Psalm 119 tonight.

In additon to the Bible, we will be using Stand, diving into God’s Words, a discovery of Psalm 119. Some of the books in this series were a little too advanced for the age of M & L (11 & 9), but I think this one will work out great! I am looking forward to knowing God more and understanding His word through this study. I am also thankful to hubby for picking up the book and initiating this in our home.


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