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Anet’s Daybook May 23, 2010

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Outside my window… I noticed that the neighbors across the street have a magnolia tree and it’s blooming! Our new next door neighbors have one too that they are getting ready to plant.

I am thankful for… living close enough to Aunt to do things with & for the boys to be with too

I am wearing… brown shorts and green and brown striped shirt. I found the last of my missing clothes!

I am remembering… L & I won 2nd in the 3rd grade boys wheelbarrow race at field day. M & I won 3rd for 5th boys.

A few plans for the week… haircut, last day of school & work, going to visit Dad

I am currently readingfor parents only

From the learning rooms….. 5th grade fun day on Monday. L has a final spelling test – no grade, but a piece of candy for each one right.

I am hoping… to get to know new friends better this summer

On my mind… all the things undone

Hearing…. Dog barking in the distance, the hum of the computer

I am praying that……. we make a smooth transition to summer and that the boys get along during the break!

From the kitchen… nothing since part of the family is gone! I’m making hashbrown casserole to help feed the bands from Air One’s fan appreciation concert.

Around the house… lots of time today to make it clean and tidy, yea! the telescope is finally together and out waiting for us to practice.

One of my favorite things… pajamas

From my picture journal

A nostalgic pic – Summer 2004

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One Response to “Anet’s Daybook”

  1. Sid Says:

    I so much enjoy your sharing your thoughts with us. I makes me feel so much closer.
    And thank you, thank, you, thank you for all the pictures of your incredible sons and my son that you post. It’s a long, long way to Tulsa from where we are, and you make it so much better.
    I want to thank you for being you and for taking such good care of the man you married, and the perfect grandsons that you nurture, protect, and instruct.
    Your Father in Law and friend.

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