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Month in Review – May May 31, 2010

Filed under: Family,Summer — anet smith @ 6:00 pm

My blogging goal for the summer is to continue my Daybooks and do a review at the end of each month. If I don’t limit myself, I’ll spend way too much time doing this instead of actually enjoying the day-to-day with the boys.

Some things I already wrote about – Realy for Life, dyed hair and end of school stuff (remember the victories at wheelbarrow racing?). I was very pleased with how school ended. The 5th grade teachers went to a lot of effort to make the end of elementary school memorable. At 5th grade fun day M posed in silly pictures for a photo booth. As of this weekend, M has a blonde mohawk and L has much shorter hair.

Finally got signed up for the Summer Reading program. After the school year of AR, this is a very relaxing pace. However, thanks to both the boys tripling their AR goal one semester, we’ll be headed to a new water park (about 5 hours away) at the end of the summer.

We finally met our backyard (and across the green space) neighbors). It’s a small world! Hubby and I were at his MBA graduation at the beginning of the month. Anyway, we invited neighbors to church and they came Sun., we went to Red Robin afterwards. Hubby, L and I had been to RR Friday night while M was at a sleepover, but that’s okay. We’re thankful for good neighbors. Met our brand new next door neighbors too and like them. They’re planting lots of neat things in their back yard that we’ll be able to see too.

Speaking of planting – did that for for Memorial Day. Some annuals to complete the front bed (and mulched). Re-built the back bed and planted veggies. Mind you, this was all hubby’s doing. He’s amazing. I’m sure he’s very impressed though at the few things I did plant (okay – one – the tomatoes) and that I helped spread the mulch.

We also celebrated the beginning of summer by getting out the slip n slide, going for shaved ice and having the first watermelon of the season. I think I have enjoyed this Spring more than any I can think of.

Photos of some of the mentioned plus Hubby and M skype-ing Uncle and Cousin.


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