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Anet’s Daybook June 1, 2010

Filed under: Daybook — anet smith @ 12:48 pm

Outside my window… new mulch and lots of sunshine

I am thankful for… a long weekend, lots accomplished and lots of time with family

I am wearing… grey school shirt from Relay, shorts, hat

I am remembering… elementary – high school, friends from it. Looking forward to a visit from a dear friend next week.

A few plans for the week… soccer camp, swimming, going to see Dad again

I am currently reading… I absolutely HAVE to finish Crazy Love this week!

I am hoping… to get the porch swing ready to paint next weekend

On my mind… finding lost buddy passes to theme park

Hearing…. the air conditioner, birds

I am praying that……. praying for God’s will for our fall and school situation.

From the kitchen… grilled food yesterday for Memorial Day, chicken in the crockpot to use for Taco Tuesday and some other meals later in the month

Around the house… new ceiling fan in L’s room, a couple boxes to go to the attic. I’m hoping to get all the papers on my desk filed away this summer.

One of my favorite things… answered prayer

From my picture journal

I saw the suggestion on someone else’s blog, or a variation of it anyway. Every time someone in the family is caught giving a soft answer, we put a cotton ball in the jar. When it’s full, we’re going to go to a movie together (we don’t go out for movies often). Each of the boys just came to tell me why the other deserved a cotton ball because of their soft answers while playing soccer together.

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One Response to “Anet’s Daybook”

  1. Answered prayers are wonderful. I like your jar. We never go to the movies. Maybe I should put that on my calendar. I hope you have a great week. Doylene

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