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Some Things I Discovered June 22, 2010

Filed under: Family,Summer — anet smith @ 4:16 pm

We went tent camping this past weekend with our fam and hubby’s brother’s fam. As I lay awake looking at the sky on Friday night, I was pondering how I could possibly survive the whole time. After I finally drifted off I woke up to footsteps near my head and I pondered finding a nearby motel. It turns out that the “footsteps” were actually scampering and a racoon stole our marshmallows out of a plastic tote (with a lid!).

I discovered a few things…

I can hike higher and longer than I thought.

I can handle watching my 9 year old learn to use an ax.

I can survive without a shower and wash my hair under a spigot in the ground AND let it air dry without even combing it!

Camping with my family is really fun!


One Response to “Some Things I Discovered”

  1. It’s nice to read that you discovered it’s fun rather than not ever wanting to do it again. We enjoy camping. And we always protect our food in a plastic tote with lots of stuff on top or in the van. Or in a cabin. Raccoons are strong and can be viscious. We had one get locked in our garage a year ago. Hubby’s Father’s Day experience was us coming home from church and finding that our garage had been broken into. As we investigated further, it had actually been broken OUT of. The raccoon made a huge mess inside, there were paw prints all over, and it broke a window to get out. Lovely. (and smart.)

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