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Month in Review – June June 28, 2010

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For the most part I’ve kept my blogging goal for the summer this month and didn’t spend every day writing. When we went camping I took hundreds of pictures with the hopes of being inspired to blog with them. No inspiration yet. Right now I have one son at Boy Scout Camp and one who I picked up sick at day camp (now watching Swiss Family Robinson). I thought this would be a good week to blog, but since I’m lacking inspiration, I was happy to realize that it’s month end so I can do this review.

Both boys completed the summer reading program. I need to look for their prize coupon books – they might have some things I’d like! Our county does a very nice program and the prizes are free things to area businesses (especially restauraunts). The boys are enjoying the pace and variety that summer reading offers. They’ve both picked up some non-fiction finds and L. discovered the My America and Dear America series.

Garden update: the flowers in my duck planter are officially doa. It’s amazing what going a few days (while we were away) without water will do. The tomato and pepper plant appear to be doing well. So are the cantaloupe. I had no idea they’d take so long though. We should be enjoying their fruit about the time school starts. Didn’t have much success with seeds – onions, lettuce or carrots. However, the cucumber seeds sprouted and look great! Ultimately we got a very late start and will plan and prepare better next year – maybe even at Dads (bigger garden).

We had a very full month! It started with L. at soccer camp. I think he enjoyed that, especially goalie day. Only saw one World Cup game – unfortuantely it was the USA defeat to Ghana. M. passed his Boy Scout swim test early June. I’m so glad both the boys are good swimmers because I am not. We have enjoyed the neighborhood pool this month though. A couple times with friends and once with Cousin. I finished one book there and ventured in only when the water was warm enough to my liking.

A long time friend from high school and her family visited for a week. It was wonderful to see them and get to know her family better. I was curious how the boys would get along with three little girls, but they played great! During this time we also discovered that our across the street neighbors had grandchildren visiting for the month. This sparked numerous sports competitions, nerf battles, games, movies, and all around fun kid playing. I wish they lived here all the time!

Our trip to Texas turned out to be much quicker than I expected. I hope to make it back in October so I can see all the friends I missed on this visit. Hubby says we’ll be back sooner, but I don’t think that can happen realistically. We have too many more summer plans and then sports start. It was great to have Cousin with us for a week. The time flew and we didn’t do nearly as much as I planned, but it was great just to be at home and hang out. One evening we made the five mile round trip biking for snow cones. Cousin kept up with the other boys (hubby included). Of course I was far behind as ususal, but at least I’m able to do it!

Our camping trip was wonderful, I wrote about it already. We got to see a rodeo while there and thought that was neat since L. has taken quite a liking to cowboy things. I never dreamed so many rodeo events exisited! Who has ever heard of double mutton busting? Was all fun though – love being in a small town. The free bbq pork from the 4H cook-off was worth it too. I think M & L’s fav’s were hiking and fishing.

Hubby played in a golf tournament. His team won 1st place! I wish he could do stuff like that more often. This past week we helped Aunt with her garage sale (and will have another one this time at our house for her in August). We ended the week spending time with some new friends. We’ll be co-leading a small group at our church this fall and I’m really looking forward to it.

I can’t forget to add that we celebrated Aunt’s birthday in June and stopped by the Veteran’s Center (after camping) to have ice cream with Dad and say Happy Father’s Day. I’m sure he was unhappy we didn’t take him out for pancakes, but we did what we could do. M. also got something he’s been waiting years for – his football helmet! We’re ending the month with Scout camps, birthday preps (for the firecracker hubby), and packing for vacation (am grateful for the luggage I rescued from the garage sale).

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July! Happy Birthday America!


3 Responses to “Month in Review – June”

  1. keisha Says:

    Well, I simply don’t know how you got six kids to cooperate for that first picture, but it’s wonderful. 🙂

  2. Sid Says:

    Thank you so much for the update and all those awesome pictures you took over Fathers Day (I think I only saw less than a dozen of you!!!! Guess that means you volunteered!
    Looking forward to your blog on your upcoming trip to Virginia.
    Be blessed

  3. I wish I had a pocket-sized you! Not just so they kids will sit still for pictures, but also because I have really missed you over the years. Then there are all the reasons I mentioned while we were there about your effect on my parenting. I’ve already mentioned a few times to P about how I wish we lived closer or had more contact with you and your family.

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