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Our Flight Attendant July 6, 2010

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We flew to Houston Friday morning standby – all four of us got there, but there were only three seats available on to Baltimore. The boys and I left hubby to fend for himself (which was the best thing considering he was flying with an expired ticket, it was storming so flights were getting delayed and was a holiday weekend). Once on the plane I discovered there were two seats one in front of the other near the front of the plane and one in the back.

The flight attendant suggested “the little one” would do well in the back. I escorted L. back to sit between two men who – well looked much more urban than us. With a warning to L. not to disturb the others sitting nearby, I joined M. After we took off, I checked on L. and he was sleeping.

Shortly after I saw the flight attendant ushering L. up the aisle so I assumed he had to go to the bathroom. I then heard fl. at. announce L’s name and that he wanted to be a be a flight attendant (which really is not his aspiration, he wants to be a bull rider) and that he would be through the cabin collecting trash. And that was that. With a big grin, L. took my trash and continued on up the row working at his new “job”.

On a side note: Those sitting by L. were indeed a rap group. One suggested he buy one of their songs off itunes. L told them his Mom wouldn’t let him listen to it. When they asked what music he listened to, L said “Christian”. They told him that was good too, to keep listening to it. When we got off the plane in Baltimore and headed to baggage claim, they all waved and called goodbye to L.


4 Responses to “Our Flight Attendant”

  1. That is really cute. He looks so excited to be taking peoples trash.

  2. J Says:

    What a great post! I love it, why am I not surprised that L would find a way to make fun out of that situation. I can imagine that big grin of his just smiling at you, as he is the center of attention! 🙂 I like how you described a rap group as “urban”. I guess that’ s politically correct. Only somebody with impeccable English and grammar, like you, would have picked that word. At first I was thinking, what do you mean they were different than you, ya’ll all look like you are from the “suburbs”. As I read further I realized what you meant by urban.

  3. Myra Says:

    That is a great story!! Good to hear something positive now and again. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Georga Says:

    Is there anything L won’t do? M & L have such great experiences and adventures!

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