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Highlights July 11, 2010

Filed under: Family,Summer — anet smith @ 12:08 pm

We are on vacation and the other morning M said “Mom, I’m going to look at some really cool things on the Internet!”. Mind you we are at Devon’s Mom’s so we are staying over a museum! Is there anything on the Internet “cooler” than seeing artifacts from the Revolutionary and Civil War in person?

The times we’ve been at home, we’ve sat in the lobby and worked puzzles. I hear that museum visitors stop and add a few pieces also when we’re not there.

Last night we drove over the mountain to hubby’s cousin to borrow a fly fishing pole (is that what it’s called in fly fishing?). On the way home through George Washington National Forest (have I mentioned how much I love National Forests? That’s gonna make it in my Daybook) we stopped at Woodstock Tower. It was dusk so we hurried along the path and to the top where we saw this view –

The boys recognized it as the print we have hanging over our fireplace, “The Seven Bends of the Shenandoah River”. (There are lots of trees in way of the view, but if you’ve seen the print, it’s recognizable) How cool is that?

(Post with DC pictures coming soon)


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