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The Fourth of July Unwrapped July 13, 2010

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Vacation is a wonderful time to unwind, ponder and generally change your pace. We are often away for the 4th – sometimes with family, sometimes just on vacation, always celebrating Hubby’s birthday. I think it’s wonderful that cities have large fireworks displays. It’s the crowds I detest – traffic, waves and waves of people – you get the picture.

Last Saturday, we had a wonderful 4th celebration in the mountains at Bryce Resort. We went early to enjoy the activities. The boys and hubby went tubing once, but M & L decided they wanted to play mini golf as a fam instead of more tubing. We kept score, but I don’t even know who won!

Hubby and L checked out the air strip.

There was an arts and crafts show. I saw some crafts I hadn’t seen at any other show before. I talked to a Vietnam Vet for a while and he gave M. a Vietnam map.

After a tricky, but yummy dinner (not enough waiters) we watched fireworks while covered in a blanket. Sure there were lots of people there, but it wasn’t crowded.

An afternoon and evening in the mountains with my family celebrating two important birthdays was definitely a gift to be unwrapped. It isn’t a small thing and certainly wouldn’t have slipped by unnoticed. It was a choice though over going into D.C. to watch fireworks. Our quest for the biggest and best can crowd out those ordinary things that are just as wonderful.

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