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What Did We Do? July 22, 2010

Filed under: Family — anet smith @ 2:05 pm

M & L were at camp the end of last week. They were having fun riding go karts, ziplines and the like. We missed them, but of course the conversation eventually came around to “What did we ever do before having children?” Friday night hubby and I went to dinner. It started pouring while there so we had to make a mad dash for his truck. It was only sprinkly as we came into our neighborhood.

When we first drove in we noticed lots of people in their yards taking pictures. This is what had everyone outside…

We decided to sit on the front porch and enjoy how nicely the rain had cooled things off. This is hubby waiting for me….

Before dinner hubby had fed the flower bed, transplanted the geranium and trimmed the shrubs – you can see the geranium in this photo of J. the dog…

Later when it got dark, we sat in the rocker again. This time it was to view the spectacular lightning in the east sky. It was in three separate sections and almost appeared choreographed. Oh, wait a minute – it was – by God! Hubby enjoyed ice cream while I splurged and had a rootbear float. Before it got too late we went in and watched Old Dogs and You’ve Got Mail. (We saw You’ve Got Mail in the theatre in Cedar Rapids right before M. was born.) It was a wonderful evening at home.


3 Responses to “What Did We Do?”

  1. Georga Says:

    Sounds like you took nice advantage of a brief empty nest.

  2. canearl Says:

    That sounds so nice!! We’re hoping that all 3 of ours will go to NCC VBS so that we can have a few evenings with no kids. Ella’s our hold out- Earl actually wanted to bribe her with money. Said it was cheaper than a sitter :).

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