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Favor July 27, 2010

Filed under: Family — anet smith @ 1:27 pm

I have been keeping a “Daybook” for almost eight months now. It’s linked to the Simple Woman’s Daybook and each week I post responses to the same starters. One of them is “I am praying that”.

Not even two weeks ago I responded “Dad will be able to transfer soon. 6 mos. that he’s been 3 hours away is coming up in August”.

Two days ago I wrote: “On our visit Wed. we learned that the “rules have changed” and Dad goes to the bottom of the wait list and not the top as it was since he was already in a Veterans facility. Aunt talked to someone today and explained our situation. We’d go see Dad no matter how far away, we just need to be closer so we can be better advocates. Anyway the convo was good. He said it would be a couple weeks before anything could happen – but to check back. We will – every few days. Anyway, the prayer now is for favor.”

I got a sweet response from someone who said they had prayed for my request. I know we have and others have through this journey. We got our answer today.

Someone called and asked if we still wanted Dad in their facility. Yes!!! They also asked if I could bring him Friday. Well, actually I could be there in 6 hrs. – the time it takes to drive!

Yes, the drive has a lot of negatives, but the hardest part lately as I’ve already mentioned has been that it’s more difficult to be an advocate so far away (and M & L getting carsick when we go the shortcut). We are so relieved and so grateful. Thank you God for your favor!


3 Responses to “Favor”

  1. Yeah! Praise God for answering this prayer in your dad’s favor! And thank you for sharing how GOd answered this prayer in your life. Celebrating joy with you today!

    • anet smith Says:

      Thank you. I told someone I called “Dad’s coming home!”. I know it’s not home, but to me from 3 hrs away to 20 min. is home! We miss you guys.

  2. Georga Says:

    Sharing answered prayer is as important as asking for prayer! I am so very happy for your family……..and for your Dad. God is so very good! Love to you all.

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