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I’m Moving! July 28, 2010

Filed under: Personal — anet smith @ 12:22 pm

Blog sites that is. If you know how non-spontaneous I am, you’ll understand that it’s pretty out of character of me. Especially since it kind of “happened”.

I originally started Butterfly Wings as a class assignment and I labored for days just coming up with names and figuring out the “how to”. Butterfly Wings came from the poem on the sidebar, kept going for a semester, then stayed in a cocoon until I joined the Christmas Tour of Homes in December 2009.

I follow several blogs with Google Reader and I finally figured out how to display my picture (I know – not too difficult, but it was an accomplishment for me). A few days ago when I was commenting, I followed some links and ended up creating a new blog! I also found out that Blogspot does all the design things I couldn’t do before and isn’t as hard to use as I thought. Phew! So…

Please visit me at Our Ordinary Life.

As I was setting up the new blog, I had to come up with a name and took it from The Message, Romans 12:1-2 as you can see at the top of the blog. Today, I’m trying to make the bridge from Butterfly Wings and make the switch to only writing at Our Ordinary Life. To do so, I looked up the definition of ordinary.

ordinary [ˈɔːdənrɪ]
1. of common or established type or occurrence
2. familiar, everyday, or unexceptional
3. uninteresting or commonplace

We have many ordinary days – although I wouldn’t call them unexceptional or uninteresting! That’s just not a possibility with children or with the adventure of following God!

Our sincere prayer is that we do place our everyday experiences before God, that we don’t fit into our culture, and that as we look to Him – He brings out our best. All for His glory.


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