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About September 6, 2008

UPDATE:  I completed my degree and we moved to Oklahoma.  My certification transfer is almost complete.  In the meantime and until I find a full-time teaching job, I am the media-center assistant at an elementary school.  I love my job!  I still get to read children’s books often and I enjoy helping students find books to read.  I have wanted to morph this blog into a personal blog so it is in process……………..

I am currently enrolled in nine hours and after completion of that and student teaching I will graduate from Texas Woman’s University with a Master of Arts in Teaching. My certification level will be early childhood through grade four and I hope to be teaching in our local district Fall 2009!


One Response to “About”

  1. Debbie Anderson Says:

    OK, so I’m feeling like such an uninformed friend. I always thought you were working on your bachelor’s! Wow, a master’s! Sorry I did not realize that. This is a great blog. Keep up the great work! Your true (but clueless) friend, Debbie

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