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100th Post! May 25, 2010

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My friend who inspired me to blog posted 100 things about her for her 100th post, so I thought it would be fitting for me to do the same.
1. I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
2. Lived in a total of 7 states.
3. Worked for my uncle when I was a kid.
4. Now my kids do.
5. My room growing up was purple.
6. I lived in the same place until I went to college.
7. I absolutely loved college life!
8. I hope my children want to go to the same college hubby and I attended.
9. My first job was at Tastee Freeze .
10. I worked for the same employers of my sister’s first job.
11. My second job was at the same grocery store she worked at also.
12. I’m not fond of water sports.
13. It’s because I don’t like water in my face.
14. My first Christian concert was during the fair.
15. I still enjoy going to concerts.
16. I’m old though – my musical change is definitely milder than my kids’.
17. Hubby and I have been to Israel.
18. We welcomed 1998 in Tiberias.
19. I rode a camel while there.
20. I am very thankful for the experience (the whole thing, not just the camel).
21. It changed the way I view Scripture.
22. My wedding dress was long sleeved.
23. Obviously, these tidbits aren’t in chronological order.
24. My son, M was born the Thursday after Easter.
25. Son, L was also born the Thursday after Easter two years after M.
26. Ages 1-3 for each boy were some of my favorite.
27. Going places, doing things, and convo with them now is nice too.
28. I’m not a big jewelry wearer.
29. Rarely wear any other earrings besides my two favorites.
30. Much to my Dad’s dismay, one of my ears is pierced twice.
31. I’m sure it’s grown shut by now.
32. I keep leaving this and coming back to it. Surely there are 100 things to know about me.
33. I’m a sucker to rescue dogs. I found one outside a store a while back and called its owner. Caught the neighbor dog and took her back too.
34. My first dog that was actually mine was tragically killed.
35. I had the dog that I got in her replacement from 3rd grade through college.
36. If I were going to regularly watch TV it would be NCIS
37. The last movie I saw at the theatre was How to Train Your Dragon.
38. I liked it so much that I’d like to see it again.
39. I asked Jesus into my heart and life when I was around 9 or 10 .
40. I knew when and where, but didn’t have a date and obviously can’t remember the timeframe now.
41. I’m getting old (bad memory).
42. My biggest prayer is that my kids will keep following Christ and take a stand for Him.
43. I love to read.
44. I wish I had more time to get lost in books.
45. Historical fiction would be my favorite fiction.
46. I prefer reading non-fiction though.
47. I’m a magazine junkie.
48. Speaking of history, I love it!
49. In college, I took history classes as electives.
50. When we vacation, we like to check out local history/see the history spots.
51. Hubby and M & L like history too.
52. Loved, loved, loved St. Simon’s Island and Savannah, Georgia.
53. My favorite garden flower is the iris.
54. I had white ones in my wedding bouquet.
55. Few things make me happier than to see my kids taking care of each other and looking out for each other.
56. I have volunteered for some sort of children’s or youth ministry since I graduated high school.
57. My spiritual gifts are administration, hospitality and helps.
58. My love language is gifts
59. The chore I hate most is ironing.
60. My college roommates ironed for me. (Thanks!)
61. The only bone I’ve ever broken is my big toe..
62. Did it while hiking in Albuquerque.
63. It still bothers me when weather fronts move through.
64. My taste in just about everything is very eclectic.
65. I would love to visit Europe someday (anyplace there).
66. My favorite flower to receive is a daisy.
67. I’d rather get those than roses.
68. I didn’t eat eggs until college.
69. My mom didn’t make me try anything I didn’t want.
70. The only way I’ll eat them today is scrambled.
71. If they have cheese in them that’s better.
72. I didn’t eat pizza until college either.
73. I’m not the best at staying with an exercise program.
74. I walk with my sister about 3x a week.
75. I enjoy riding my bike (but don’t have a lot of stamina).
76. I enjoy the circuit weights at the gym (really).
77. Fingernail polish (but not toenail polish) makes me feel claustrophobic.
79. I attribute my having claustrophobia to my sister.
80. Once when I was little and just barely inside the closet she shut the door and held it shut.
81. The wallboard at the back of the closet was apparently thinner than the other in the house and I kicked a hole through it while trying to use it as leverage to push against the door.
82. I also remember getting my head stuck between the couch and wall. Don’t remember why I was there, but I’m sure my sister has something to do with it.
83. My sister and I are good friends now.
84. I’ve attended 1 ½ years of Bible Study Fellowship.
85. One day I’d like to get involved in it again.
86. It was there that I befriended a balloon pilot and gave hubby a hot air balloon ride for Christmas.
87. We became part of the chase crew and it was super fun!
88. Both of the boys have ridden in a balloon.
89. My dad taught me to work hard.
90. My mom taught me to be a giver.
91. It was just over a year ago that I graduated with my Master’s Degree.
92. Hubby gave me a wonderful surprise party
93. and a cruise to Alaska.
94. I didn’t send out thank you cards because of our house going on the market, our travels (job hunting) and transition.
95. I feel terrible about it. If anyone reading this gave me a grad gift, I apologize and thank you.
96. My kids are so precious and I can’t believe that God trusts me to be their mom.
97. I feel equally blessed to be my husband’s wife.
98. I enjoy blogging – it started for a class.
99. Now I do it to chronicle our life – for my kids to have and family far away to keep up.
100. This was fun and a bit of a challenge.