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The New Year Starting Off Right January 1, 2010

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I got to sleep in this morning, but that’s not how the year started off right. When I got up, I walked in the office and Hubby was at his desk reading his Bible and journaling. I said, “It looks like you’re starting the year off right, I think I will too.” I sat at my desk and took out my New Testament that is arranged for readings each day throughout the year and The Message Solo. If you haven’t seen this devotional it’s awesome! It has Scripture from The Message translation and then suggestions for “Think, Pray, and Live”. It can be very deep, not fluffy and challenging.

The boys had already made it upstairs to play video games so I called them downstairs and talked to them about starting the year off right and suggested they start the new devotion books a close family friend had given them for Christmas. We talked about how to do them and that we’d get up a few minutes early each morning to read and start the day off right. This is a big stretch for me because I am not a morning devotions/time with God kind of person! I’m not a late night person either. Unfortunately, since I’m more “middle of the afternoon” my best time gets occupied with other things way too easy.

After watching some of the Rose Parade we started our New Year’s Day tradition of taking down the tree. We were also treated to a lunch at Rib Crib by my sister and with Dad.

Also, we started the new year off right in the house by getting it in order from Christmas and making some additions. I am by no stretch of the imagination a decorator so hubby and I did some shopping together at Kirklands and TJ Maxx. We made our very first purchase of wall art (after 14 1/2 years of marriage) and found things for our entry dormer. The TJ Maxx purchases were a wonderful find because we had only stopped there for a restroom break. If you need to do some inexpensive decorating, you should really try this place. The dried arrangement and vase on the right side of this picture only cost $15! Obviously the picture was taken from much lower so it looks better than the picture. There are some depth differences and the vase isn’t solid black, it has constrasting shades in it.

Thank you God for a wonderful start to the new year! It has been wonderful being at home with Hubby, M, & L!