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You Can Have Peace This Christmas! December 22, 2009

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I’m a little late posting this, but maybe it can still help someone else out there. Shelly Lenzmeier was the special speaker at IMOM (IMOMS of NE OK) a couple of Thursdays ago and these are my notes published with her permission

To the acronym PEACE.

Plan Time For Yourself. Don’t skp date night, your special cup of tea, long shower, etc.
Express Your Needs. (and feelings). Have a couple safe friends to talk things through. Stuffed anger and resentment weakens the immune system.
Ask for Help. We’d rather be martyrs than ask for help or delegate. Maybe it’s because we’re too controlling? Don’t be addicted to praise and try to up the anty each year. (If something is wonderful one year, you don’t have to make it bigger and better the next to be more wonderful).
Cut Out What You Don’t Really Enjoy. Ax what you dread and do what you love. Sounds simple! Focus on your family values and use your time to reflect the true meaning of Christmas. Don’t feel guilty about saying no.
Enjoy the “Living” That Happens Each Day Between the Events. Look forward to playing with your kids. Use humor.

When I first copied these notes, I wasn’t feeling very peaceful! I’ve put some in to practice. For “C” I decided we didn’t really have to make gingerbread houses. Even though it was something I would have enjoyed, I was really stressing over gathering the supplies and fitting it in with everything else. I asked the boys what was most meaningful to them and what they remembered most at Christmas, and gingerbread wasn’t on the list! Holly wreath cookies were so I’m still going to make time for that. For “A” I am going to take hubby’s advice and let M & L wrap their cousin’s gifts. I said “But I want to do it!” Hubby encouraged me to delegate so I am going to give a quick gift wrapping lesson and be okay that there aren’t perfect creases on the gifts.

A side note: L asked “How much?” Meaning how much would he get paid to wrap (A BIG ZERO!) I told him I would only charge him $5 for the gift wrapping lesson and he asked if he could have it for free.


Christmas Tour Sequel December 20, 2009

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I wanted to post something additional. We’ve had our Oklahoma Christmas and my sister gave me three beautiful nativities to add to my collection and I wanted to share a picture. It’s handpainted on the inside and very beautiful!

One of my favorite Christmas traditions that I didn’t include in the originial tour post is hanging up our Christmas cards. When I did the first post, I didn’t have very many cards yet, so it looks much better now! This door is our laundry room door. It’s between our kitchen and dining room. The holder is elastic covered in gold fabric and the cards are clothespinned on. Cards that have a letter or family picture are my very favorite! I have a friend, J. who does both and it is fabulous. She always includes info. on each of her 5 kids and this year she interviewed them for the letter. I know cards are what some people cut out because of busy-ness and stress, but I still love it!

This was our tree with presents

These pictures aren’t at my house, but at my Mom in law’s in Virginia. Guess she’ll be having a white Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone!
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Christmas Tour of Homes December 14, 2009

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Welcome to our new home and first Christmas in Owasso. I have enjoyed the Christmas tour of homes in the past and thought I’d join in this year! After we decorated I was sad that not many people would be in our home this December, but alas! Problem solved!

We bought our tree the Christmas before children, but some of my favorite decos now are pictures of them. I also love pine cone things, handmade ones, D’s planes, and ones from our childhood trees. We have at least one ornament from every place we’ve lived. You can see Oklahoma, Texas and Mississippi in one of these pictures.

We have many Christmas traditions, starting with videotaping our decorating each year. Every so many years we watch them all. One of the most comical is from L’s first. He was sitting in the living room floor and just toppled over. M came by and pushed him back up! Such great brothers – they even enjoyed sitting on the couch together the other night reading Christmas jokes out loud. Before the season is over, we’ll use our Adornaments, various Advent calendars, go look at lights, make holly wreath cookies, watch a Christmas movie and enjoy time with family. I’m really excited too, our church is a Toys for Tots distribution site and we’re going to help as a family. Don’t forget to put a new unwrapped toy in the Toys for Tots boxes you see in your area. Every bit helps!

Thanks for coming by. Have a Merry Christmas!


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