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Anet’s Daybook July 25, 2010

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Outside my window… large puffy clouds – I think they’re holding back some of the heat. Yay! One (yes only one) of our flower bed plants is blooming again.

I am thankful for… still thankful for a house/dog/gecko sitter

I am wearing… jean shorts, bright aqua camp tshirt

I am noticing… that I am getting quite skilled at packing for short trips. This is number three of five for the summer. However – we are starting to look toward school starting.

Some plans for the rest of the week… Vacation Bible School.

I am currently readingCure or the Common Life by Lucado

I am hoping… to continue finding God’s open doors and to have time to talk with/pray with hubby.

On my mind… (some of this was before our weekend trip and some after) I’m thinking about our wonderful conference – God inspired messages on mission, seeing old friends and playing as a family at mini. golf and the waterpark. I commented to someone that as a freshman in college we had a weekend social at a waterslide. I never dreamed that almost 20 years later I’d be at a waterpark with some of the same people (and our children!).

Hearing…. the boys playing/talking about a computer game

I am praying that……. This is what I wrote last week: “Dad will be able to transfer soon. 6 mos. that he’s been 3 hours away is coming up in August”. On our visit Wed. we learned that the “rules have changed” and Dad goes to the bottom of the wait list and not the top as it was since he was already in a Veterans facility. Aunt talked to someone today and explained our situation. We’d go see Dad no matter how far away, we just need to be closer so we can be better advocates. Anyway the convo was good. He said it would be a couple weeks before anything could happen – but to check back. We will – every few days. Anyway, the prayer now is for favor.

From the kitchen… eating along the way and from the ice chest.

Around the house… laundry ugghh! I have many recently acquired items that need a spot. Aunt is being very generous as she cleans out her house. I am very happy to get some of Mom’s pottery casserole dishes. They are from the 60s.

One of my favorite things… blogging, playing games with the boys

From my picture journal

This is two summers in a row now that the boys have found a creek to do this. They love it!

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Anet’s Daybook July 18, 2010

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Outside my window… hot, hot, hot

I am thankful for… Summer camp, time with hubby, my children coming home safely

I am wearing… navy tshirt, khaki shorts

I am remembering… the video we saw at Church about the Thomas family in Iowa. Powerful testimony of mercy and forgiveness. Here’s the news article about the Thomas’ award, you can google to find a video if you want.

Some plans for the rest of the week… an Usborne book party, football combine, soccer practice, away for the weekend

I am currently reading… nothing besides Solo – The Message devotional

I am hoping… to stop procrastinating on the laundry!

On my mind… dreading having to go mow at Dad’s after dinner. It is soooooo hot! We were gone, the person who was supposed to last week couldn’t because of the rain, both people I’ve called this week to mow haven’t called me back and now it’s been over 3 weeks! (Update: we made it, but not without a mower mishap. It was nice to have all four of us working. I was going to stop cutting the field, but hubby said keep going. It wasn’t quite as dark as I thought it was after I took my sunglasses off! lol)

Hearing…. the fan (and L making noises in it), keys tapping, the usual when I daybook

I am praying that……. Dad will be able to transfer soon. 6 mos. that he’s been 3 hours away is coming up in August

Pondering these words… Mercy is not getting what we do deserve and “The example he set, the standard he set of how to live your life strictly by doing what’s right — that’s the legacy we hope to continue of our father,” by Aaron Thomas.

From the kitchen… Burgers (for tonight) and chicken (for later) on the grill, 5 veggies (5 colors) also on the grill and cucumber sald. Ham and cheese quiche – 2 to freeze for us to have later when we’re busy and 2 for a friend who has several family members who were in a car accident (please pray for family and for my caregiver friends). I’m going to post the receipes for these last two soon.

Around the house… I finally got my desk and the office clean! Our new plan is to do some rearranging of my desk and filing cabinet to accomadate hubby’s things so we can give the boys the other desk to use.

One of my favorite things… watching lightning (from a distance of course). In all the places we’ve ever lived, it’s never been better anywhere than Oklahoma!

From my picture journal

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Anet’s Daybook July 11, 2010

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Outside my window… dusk, the ice cream truck driving by

I am thankful for… an hour for the cousins to be together, finally making it home!

I am wearing… shorts, Toys for Tots t-shirt

I am remembering… vacation, how nice it was to be away and have a change of routine

A few plans for the week… mowing (and lots of it!), the boys going to church camp, getting the house back together

I am currently reading… read Mount Vernon Love Story while on vacation

I am hoping… to make a big dent in all the organizing that needs to be done in the house. Am also hoping to make it to see Dad this week, maybe next?

On my mind… mowing – was going to have someone do it while we were away, but it rained every day – I bet Dad and Aunt’s is terrible.

Hearing…. the fan, hubby’s keyboard, M avoiding cleaning his closet

I am praying that……. Dad is feeling better. Aunt discovered he had pink eye when she visited on Friday.

From the kitchen… lots of veggie things at the end of the week when the boys are gone

Around the house… unpacking in process

One of my favorite things… National Forests

From my picture journal

Hubby’s great great uncle sold ice cream to the school children from this store in Edinburg, VA

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Anet’s Fourth of July Daybook July 4, 2010

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Outside my window… lots and lots of green trees, mountains, the New Market Battlefield

I am thankful for… having lunch with my grandmother. I told the boys they need to be thankful to have eaten meals with their great-grandmothers – I don’t have that memory.

I am wearing… denim capris and sleeveless red striped top

I am remembering… past trips to the Shenandoah Valley.

A few plans for the week…seeing family and friends, trip to D.C., flying home standby

I am currently reading… Mt. Vernon Love Story by Mary Higgins Clark

I am hoping…that all four of us can fly home together

On my mind… the great sacrifices our founding fathers made and comparing past leadership with current

Hearing…. MIL’s voice, hubby fixing grill, traffic on the Interstate

I am praying that……. I have patience in planning. I have been praying often for my son’s life purpose and future mate.

From the kitchen… a birthday celebration: crab, shrimp and steak

Around the house…a scared doggy

One of my favorite things… purple and all shades of it

From my picture journal

Notice the fire on the bottom left. First time I was at a display where something caught fire. Also the coldest I’ve ever been at 4th Celebration

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Anet’s Daybook June 27, 2010

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Outside my window… dark stormy looking skies. Although I can’t hear it, I can see the water trickling down the fountain in the flower bed.

I am thankful for… an evening out with hubby and friends, a wonderful stretching class Sat. morning, and a nice Sunday —a wonderful weekend

I am wearing… denim capris and a peach shirt

I am remembering… a local fallen soldier. I plan to take L in his Scout uniform to join others in lining the path to his memorial service.

A few plans for the week… a week of preparation – some for VBS and a lot for vacation

I am currently reading… hope to be reading Life’s Healing Choices by John Baker soon.

I am hoping… that my back stops hurting soon and I accomplish all that needs to be done before vacation – I’m so glad for a house/dog sitter though. It makes leaving easier.

On my mind… M away at camp and a complication in our travel plans

Hearing…. thunder, computer keys tapping.

I am praying that……. we find more playmates in the neighborhood for the boys. It was so nice having our neighbor’s grandchildren around.

From the kitchen… M – chicken chili, T- hot dogs on the grill, beyond that – ???????

Around the house… laundry to fold (couldn’t I just keep this here permanently?)

One of my favorite things… burning candles

From my picture journal

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Anet’s Daybook June 20, 2010

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Outside my window… darkness and some wilty plants from the heat and us being gone

I am thankful for… clean bathrooms

I am wearing… polka dot pajamas

I am remembering… an absolutely wonderful weekend with my family and hubby’s brother’s. Previously I posted that we wanted to make this Father’s Day camping thing a tradition. We quickly decided that June is way too hot to tent camp and that April or October to celebrate birthdays would be much nicer!

A few plans for the week… get M ready for Scout camp, helping Aunt with garage sale stuff, L will get his summer reading program prize – he already finished both parts, and dinner with friends on Friday night (which I am really looking forward to!

I am currently reading… I read a Christian Historical Romance last week – Redeeming Gabriel (set during Civil War time – my fav). I even made the boys stay at the pool long enough for me to finish it.

I am hoping… to have some down time. Camping was definitely a get away and fun, but it was a lot of work!

On my mind… my Dad – today is Father’s Day. We got to spend a couple hours with him today. It makes me sad because I know he was agitated that Aunt nor I took him home. However, I know he is in the right place. I am thankful for the time we talked and that I got to see him smile.

Hearing…. hubby’s phone telling him he has a text. The dog, J making her sleep sounds.

I am praying that……. M drinks a lot of water at Scout camp, safety and good weather there. I’m also praising God for great weather this past weekend.

From the kitchen… Ramen noodles, deli meat, and sliced green apples. Very simple after getting home from camping and having to make a quick (before it closed) trip to the sporting goods store.

Around the house… Camping boxes to unpack, including the one that has a chewed spot from where the racoon stole our marshmallows!

One of my favorite things… biking to get shaved ice with my family

From my picture journal

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Anet’s Daybook June 14, 2010

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Outside my window… Everything is very wet (yay, no watering now!). The rain has slowed to a steady gentle rain.

I am thankful for… my family, extended family, and seeing friends

I am wearing… jean shorts, race for the cure tshirt (after I shower, I’m putting on jeans – it’s chilly out!)

I am remembering… seeing three blonde headed girls play in my back yard and hearing another friend’s almost three year old tell a joke

A few plans for the week… cousin J is visiting, library, batting cages, scout party, camping at the end of the week

I am currently reading… I read I Will Carry You by Angie Smith while on our quicker than originally planned Texas trip

I am hoping… that it doesn’t rain all week (though the cooler temps are nice) because I’d like to take the boys to the pool.

On my mind… Working on the office – am getting a new shelf from Aunt that will help (when I put some books in it and in the upstairs closet – no room in the office), wanting some thoughts and conversations to come together

Hearing…. legos being pushed around the lego box and the the other two boys playing Sorry with Aunt

I am praying that……. we’ll be able to have a nice family weekend for Father’s Day and that the rain doesn’t hinder our plans or that if that it does rain we have equally fun plan B. Hoping to start a family tradition for this weekend – want to create memories and connections.

From the kitchen… sloppy joes and fries. Was trying to avoid the store, but since I have to go out for something else, I might stop in for fresh food.

Around the house… sheets to get back on the bed (after company left), the upstairs is atrocious – I think the boys are claiming it for the week.

One of my favorite things… the sound of rain and cool breezes. I love having quiet time in front of a window on these days when the house is still quiet in the mornings (unfortunately that didn’t happen today).

From my picture journal

Happy Birthday Aunt!

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