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Favor July 27, 2010

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I have been keeping a “Daybook” for almost eight months now. It’s linked to the Simple Woman’s Daybook and each week I post responses to the same starters. One of them is “I am praying that”.

Not even two weeks ago I responded “Dad will be able to transfer soon. 6 mos. that he’s been 3 hours away is coming up in August”.

Two days ago I wrote: “On our visit Wed. we learned that the “rules have changed” and Dad goes to the bottom of the wait list and not the top as it was since he was already in a Veterans facility. Aunt talked to someone today and explained our situation. We’d go see Dad no matter how far away, we just need to be closer so we can be better advocates. Anyway the convo was good. He said it would be a couple weeks before anything could happen – but to check back. We will – every few days. Anyway, the prayer now is for favor.”

I got a sweet response from someone who said they had prayed for my request. I know we have and others have through this journey. We got our answer today.

Someone called and asked if we still wanted Dad in their facility. Yes!!! They also asked if I could bring him Friday. Well, actually I could be there in 6 hrs. – the time it takes to drive!

Yes, the drive has a lot of negatives, but the hardest part lately as I’ve already mentioned has been that it’s more difficult to be an advocate so far away (and M & L getting carsick when we go the shortcut). We are so relieved and so grateful. Thank you God for your favor!


What Did We Do? July 22, 2010

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M & L were at camp the end of last week. They were having fun riding go karts, ziplines and the like. We missed them, but of course the conversation eventually came around to “What did we ever do before having children?” Friday night hubby and I went to dinner. It started pouring while there so we had to make a mad dash for his truck. It was only sprinkly as we came into our neighborhood.

When we first drove in we noticed lots of people in their yards taking pictures. This is what had everyone outside…

We decided to sit on the front porch and enjoy how nicely the rain had cooled things off. This is hubby waiting for me….

Before dinner hubby had fed the flower bed, transplanted the geranium and trimmed the shrubs – you can see the geranium in this photo of J. the dog…

Later when it got dark, we sat in the rocker again. This time it was to view the spectacular lightning in the east sky. It was in three separate sections and almost appeared choreographed. Oh, wait a minute – it was – by God! Hubby enjoyed ice cream while I splurged and had a rootbear float. Before it got too late we went in and watched Old Dogs and You’ve Got Mail. (We saw You’ve Got Mail in the theatre in Cedar Rapids right before M. was born.) It was a wonderful evening at home.


The Fourth of July Unwrapped July 13, 2010

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Vacation is a wonderful time to unwind, ponder and generally change your pace. We are often away for the 4th – sometimes with family, sometimes just on vacation, always celebrating Hubby’s birthday. I think it’s wonderful that cities have large fireworks displays. It’s the crowds I detest – traffic, waves and waves of people – you get the picture.

Last Saturday, we had a wonderful 4th celebration in the mountains at Bryce Resort. We went early to enjoy the activities. The boys and hubby went tubing once, but M & L decided they wanted to play mini golf as a fam instead of more tubing. We kept score, but I don’t even know who won!

Hubby and L checked out the air strip.

There was an arts and crafts show. I saw some crafts I hadn’t seen at any other show before. I talked to a Vietnam Vet for a while and he gave M. a Vietnam map.

After a tricky, but yummy dinner (not enough waiters) we watched fireworks while covered in a blanket. Sure there were lots of people there, but it wasn’t crowded.

An afternoon and evening in the mountains with my family celebrating two important birthdays was definitely a gift to be unwrapped. It isn’t a small thing and certainly wouldn’t have slipped by unnoticed. It was a choice though over going into D.C. to watch fireworks. Our quest for the biggest and best can crowd out those ordinary things that are just as wonderful.

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Washington D.C. July 12, 2010

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Spent two full days in DC doing some vacation sightseeing. It was over a 100 degrees both days so we were wiped out! It was so worth it though. We’re such history buffs and our national treasures are meaningful to the boys now.

I asked the fam what their favorite thing to see in DC was…L said the Lincoln display (including his top hat) at the Smithsonian, M said the Air Space Museum, hubby and I both say Arlington National Cemetary (esp. the changing of the guard and Lee house for me). I had no idea how immense the cemetary was.

I had an uncle who died in Vietnam before I was born – I appreciate hubby snapping this picture.

We drove in each day of our visit and took the subway – that was an experience. Two days just wasn’t long enough to see all we wanted. Next time we’ll plan ahead and try to see the White House and I want to spend an entire day at Mt. Vernon. I am thankful though for seeing what we did and for the spontaneity of the trip. My family rocks!


Happy Birthday Hubby! July 11, 2010

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D, Wow, a lot has changed since your last birthday – our location, jobs, etc. One thing that won’t ever change is what a privilege I consider it to be your wife. What has changed is our love – it has grown deeper through the years. We’ve shared fourteen of your birthdays married and each celebration is always memorable – fireworks, travels. You’re always so patient with the same celebrations-cook outs, fireworks.

You don’t like to have much attention drawn to yourself and you’re such a giver so it’s fitting you share your birthday with such a big day…

I love you honey and hope you have a wonderful next year!



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We are on vacation and the other morning M said “Mom, I’m going to look at some really cool things on the Internet!”. Mind you we are at Devon’s Mom’s so we are staying over a museum! Is there anything on the Internet “cooler” than seeing artifacts from the Revolutionary and Civil War in person?

The times we’ve been at home, we’ve sat in the lobby and worked puzzles. I hear that museum visitors stop and add a few pieces also when we’re not there.

Last night we drove over the mountain to hubby’s cousin to borrow a fly fishing pole (is that what it’s called in fly fishing?). On the way home through George Washington National Forest (have I mentioned how much I love National Forests? That’s gonna make it in my Daybook) we stopped at Woodstock Tower. It was dusk so we hurried along the path and to the top where we saw this view –

The boys recognized it as the print we have hanging over our fireplace, “The Seven Bends of the Shenandoah River”. (There are lots of trees in way of the view, but if you’ve seen the print, it’s recognizable) How cool is that?

(Post with DC pictures coming soon)


Our Flight Attendant July 6, 2010

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We flew to Houston Friday morning standby – all four of us got there, but there were only three seats available on to Baltimore. The boys and I left hubby to fend for himself (which was the best thing considering he was flying with an expired ticket, it was storming so flights were getting delayed and was a holiday weekend). Once on the plane I discovered there were two seats one in front of the other near the front of the plane and one in the back.

The flight attendant suggested “the little one” would do well in the back. I escorted L. back to sit between two men who – well looked much more urban than us. With a warning to L. not to disturb the others sitting nearby, I joined M. After we took off, I checked on L. and he was sleeping.

Shortly after I saw the flight attendant ushering L. up the aisle so I assumed he had to go to the bathroom. I then heard fl. at. announce L’s name and that he wanted to be a be a flight attendant (which really is not his aspiration, he wants to be a bull rider) and that he would be through the cabin collecting trash. And that was that. With a big grin, L. took my trash and continued on up the row working at his new “job”.

On a side note: Those sitting by L. were indeed a rap group. One suggested he buy one of their songs off itunes. L told them his Mom wouldn’t let him listen to it. When they asked what music he listened to, L said “Christian”. They told him that was good too, to keep listening to it. When we got off the plane in Baltimore and headed to baggage claim, they all waved and called goodbye to L.