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Junk Food April 30, 2010

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What we ate last weekend:

Free Breakfast X2
Kettle Corn X2
Dip n dots X2
Big Soft Pretzel
Fresh Veggies
Cheese,Sausage & Crackers
Frozen Custard

So maybe the upset tummies weren’t from the country roads after all. Thank goodness for those fresh veggies!


Wordless Wednesday April 28, 2010

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Take Time to Celebrate! April 26, 2010

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We were at Silver Dollar City in Branson this weekend!  Their theme for this year celebrating their 50th anniversary is “Take Time to Celebrate”.  I love it!  So often we fly through life that we don’t take time to celebrate – big things or little things. 

SDC was supposed to be our end of Spring Break trip when it snowed.  This past weekend was a bit rainy, but we didn’t let it spoil our fun.  Our first day it sprinkled a little, we went to a show.  Then it poured so we bought the boys rain ponchos.  Then it stopped raining and the sun came out.  When we came out of another show it was raining and windy.  A cold front had come through and the boys were wet and cold so we called it a day.  (Our second day was only cloudy).

Here’s what we took time to celebrate:

Friendliness – the boys and hubby swam on Friday night and several spontaneous pool games broke out between them and two other families in the pool.

Rest – when we went back to the hotel after leaving SDC the first day, the boys watched sports, I read and hubby napped.

Memories – while hubby and L were on a roller coaster M & I looked around – we stopped for a moment at a waterfall and I remembered coming to SDC as a little girl.  It’s the only place I remember going for family vacation.  I have a picture on my desk of my mother and I in front of the same waterfall when I was 6 or 7.

Trying something new – Succotash (recipe).  I had been hopping to get this for lunch and we did on day one between showers.  The boys also tried out playing a dulcimer at a craft village we visited.

Honoring others – We saw the Titanic exhibit.  It recommended allowing 90 minutes, we were there two and a half hours.  It sparked many good conversations about those who survived and those who didn’t, their lives, and what we value.  Side note:  I asked someone at the museum why the owner had chose Branson.  She said that it was because he (the owner) had been coming to Branson for about 10 years and he knew it was a place families came together – where they actually took time to rest, eat and play together.

Doing what we wanted – So many times our lives our dictated by work, school or our activiites (or my planning!)  This weekend we got up when we wanted, ate when we were hungry, played, saw what we wanted, rode the rides or didn’t that we wanted.  It was such a nice change of pace.

Conversation – We took the time to spend time talking.  Saturday morning hubby and I had good conversation about some family values and practices.

On the way home hubby asked what everyone’s favorite part was.  M said being together as a family (this is often his reply to a question of the like when we’ve gone someplace).  Last week I asked M. what makes a good parent of a teenager.  He said when they (the parent) does things with you.  I asked why?  M. said “So you know  you’re not alone.”

Time is very important and the theme worked – We did take time to celebrate!  We celebrated our family all weekend long.


Our Weekend April 25, 2010

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Guess what we did this weekend…