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Works for Me Wednesday April 14, 2010

Filed under: Works for Me Wednesday — anet smith @ 12:23 am

This is kinda silly, but it works! When I walk the dog I tie the baggie for waste disposal around her collar. I just had to come up with a solution because I either had on pants that didn’t have a pocket or when I did put it in my pocket, it worked itself out and blew away.

Thankfully when it’s used there’s always been a trash can around. The dog has never had to carry a dirty baggie!

Of course, I recycle grocery sacks for dog walking – I never spend money to buy ones.

Does J mind the baggie tied on her collar? Not at all. It kinda looks like a bow. I said kinda. I’m posting a picture of just her – not one with the tied baggie. I’ll preserve her dignity. Besides, I can’t ask for permission because she’s snoring in the floor next to me!

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